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Dining Alone: A Eucharistic Prayer

Dining Alone

Some people say he’s hidden
   In chalice prayer and bread
Substance transformed like Eden reborn
   In part the whole is fed

Some say the heart is locus
   Where true Bread in Christ abide
By faith alone does cup atone
   An emblem and signpost to life

And so we wander week to week
   ‘tween Zurich and Rome and yet
Our hearts grow cold from battles old
    And deepest longings unmet

"Oh Christ of table, bread and wine
   Why must I strive to see
When seeing blinds and answers bind
   And walls hold you from me."

"So sit, my Lord, and dine with us
    Though we know not how it's true
Till reformation in transformation
    Grants us not insight, but you."

© 2012 by Tom Lawson

For an explanation of my own journey from a Zwinglian to a sacramental understanding of the Eucharist, read "Escaping Zurich: Why Evangelicals Get Communion Wrong" on this blog.


Maria Khan said...

In the first eucharistic prayer the words in parenthisese may be omitted. pray for jerusalem

tiger said...

There are two parts to the Eucharist which we should keep in mind as we experience the service. Rv Rental