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Praying about the Role of Women in Worship

Although truth may exist objectively, we all are left to perceive it from within the envelope of our own subjective place.  Like looking through a very old glass window, there are ripples of distortion that shift if we make even the slightest movement to the left or right.  The transcript below of the conversational prayer of two leading members of the First Church of Relevance last Sunday morning reveals a few ripples.

Father, we know that the truth will set us free, and so we want to really thank you for those wonderful words of Paul, reminding us that the women should be silent in the church.  Oh, how we long for the restoration of New Testament Christianity.  What a blessing your word is, Father, for those faithful few who truly follow it.

Oh Yes, Father, how much we do want to follow your word.  Follow it away from its first century hierarchical culture of empire and oppression to let it bloom anew with living truth for us today.  We recall those words of Paul that rise above culture of empire by holding out the ultimate ideal of the gospel that in Christ there is neither male nor female.

Oh, yes, and guide us,  most assuredly Father, to study your word so that  it can be understood in its context and not misread and misapplied..  We thank you for speaking clearly on this..  For surely you have spoken to us through Paul in saying that the head of woman is man.

And how we pray, Father, that you might grant some small measure of common sense to our heads, that are often so dull of wit and slow of mind.

But we are humble and lowly, Father, aware that your wisdom is greater than our understanding.  Teach us not to elevate our own rationales as though they would ever have more power and authority than the clear statements of your word.

And thank you for fulfilling that eternal word even as we offer up this prayer.  For, behold, Father you have said, "If any man is ignorant, let him  be ignorant."  First Corinthians fourteen thirty-eight, King James Version.

For you have shown that human wisdom is foolish when compared to the truth we find in your word.  Help us to follow your word above all human opinions.

Yes, father, follow your word as it shows us the character and person of Christ who teaches us to speak for those who have been denied a voice and to offer freedom to the captives.

Yes, Father, that complete freedom we find in surrendering ourselves and our demands wholly to the authority of your word.  

And not the traditions of men.

Or of women.


Members said afterward it was a wonderful time of shared prayer and unity, although they acknowledged it was just a shame that one of the two people praying was misguided.  When asked which of the two they meant, the responses were quickly lost in the free for all brawl that broke out in the parking lot.  

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