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The Centrality of Weather in Worship

The results of my informal survey proves it beyond all doubt. Resting firmly within the central focus of Christian worship is the weather.

"Father, we just thank you so much for this beautiful day."

Some may wonder why issues of transcendent importance are not higher on the scale. I suppose we may note that they fail to see the theological significance of cumulus cloud formations.

The single most commonly mentioned element of life which evangelicals feel led to lift before God in grateful worship is the weather. We can only be thankful that issues like grace, the cross, justification by faith, and the hope of eternal life in Christ Jesus pale in comparison to the critical importance of the day's temperature and relative humidity.

Some may bemoan the fact that this emphasis on weather is indicative of an overall failure to appreciate the importance of the spiritual, and often invisible, over the obvious, the visible, and the here and now. These naysayers miss the eternal importance of such biblical passages as "red sky in morning, sailor take warning."

So, in the words of that transcendent and ancient blessing of the faithful: Cura valeas ("Have a nice day")*

*actually "stay in good health" - but it served the same role - a pleasant good-bye


Monk-in-Training said...

Interesting blog you have, Fr. Tom.
I went to MSSU in Joplin, and used to have friends at OBC.
I now live in Tulsa and look forward to seeing your observations on life.

† Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est
Where charity and love are, God is there

Tom Lawson said...


As I'm sure you know, there is a strongly liturgical shift emerging in the coming generation of evangelical worshippers. A case of the newness of the ancient. Or, of replacing the dead faith of the living with the living faith of the dead.