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A Visitor's Guide to Evangelical Worship

Visiting an evangelical church for Sunday worship for the first time can be a daunting experience.  A paramount concern for many of us is that we not look like we are visiting an evangelical worship service for the first time.  Here are some helpful excerpts from the new book The Outsider's Guide to Evangelical Worship by T. Zing, published by RUSirius Books:

Praise Band:  The musicians on stage - even if it isonly a guitar player and a guy playing bongos.

Praise Team:  Same as the praise band but with a greateremphasis on sports.

Let’s Give the Lord aPraise Offering: We don’t think you applauded enough on the previous song.

Inaudible mumblingwith musical accompaniment: The opening prayer or invocation.

Acapella: Literally“to the chapel” and was traditionally understood to mean singing without musical instruments.  Currently it means: this is the last song before the sermon.

Standing: Aposture of respect and giving honor unto God. This is why it is important to stand during the music.  Sitting is perfectly acceptable duringCommunion, Scripture Reading, or Preaching.

Bread: Bread.

Cup: Grapejuice.  Cup sounds more noble than “as wenow share in bread and juice…”

Family Life Center: gymwith carpeting.

Jeans and Polo Shirt: Evangelical Clerical Vestments

Extended Scripture Reading: You accidentally walked into the wrong church building.  See also: Pulpit; Communion Table; Hymnals; Cross.

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DroidBlount said...

That is some amazing stuff right there, now Tom! Thanks for making my day. Glad that I will no longer have to be confused when leading our Celebration Services here at VCC.
Be God's,